Our Genesis

I tried many outlets for my own fashion needs and found it difficult to get the right fit. While many of them were able to give me designer fits, I just didn’t find it right and I did not feel comfortable in them. That is when I learnt fashion designing and picked up all the basics and nuances of designs, stitching patterns and comfortable fits. Then, I started designing for myself.

I slowly extended this service to the closer circle of friends and through word-of-mouth, it has grown to where it is now. I have a constant stream of happy customers who are from India and Overseas.

What do we do?

When a fabric is chosen to be designed for you, it already has your signature and a perfectly tailored costume is nothing less than a piece of art. At Chlorofil fashions, we carefully take in to account the needs of the customer, the event for which they are getting it done, how frequently will they use it and most importantly what they will feel comfortable wearing.

This is precisely the reason why we keep having repeat customers in our 7 years of helping people make an impression.